The Adaptil™ Collar can bring your dog comfort wherever he goes by releasing a unique formulation to ease anxieties.
Manufacturer: Ceva Animal Health
List price: $19.99
Price: $18.99

Adaptil™ mimics the properties of the natural pheromones of the lactating female. Within three to five days after giving birth, the female generates pheromones that give their puppies a sense of well-being and reassurance, known as appeasing pheromones.

Pheromones are perceived through a specific action that is different from smelling odors. By replicating this signal of comfort, Adaptil helps alleviate fear and stress related signs in the puppy and adult dog such as:

  • New People/Things: moving or major changes in the household, remodeling or redecorating, new pieces of furniture.
  • Fear/Phobias: thunderstorms, lightening, fireworks.
  • Temporary changes: being transported, hospitalized or boarded.

Collar stays with your dog all the time to help control stress-related behavior such as introduction of new puppy, going on walks, thunderstorm season, fear of traveling, puppy socialization, boarding and grooming, fireworks and gunshots.

Contains: For puppies & small dogs - One 17.7" Collar (Fits necks up to 15")
For medium & large dogs - One 27.6" Collar (Fits necks up to 25")