Pet's Choice® Pharmaceuticals Nutri-Vyte is rich with vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and more to give added nutrition to dogs or cats in any type of recovery, performance or stressed condition.
Manufacturer: Pet's Choice Pharmaceuticals
List price: $4.95
Price: $3.99

Pet's Choice® Pharmaceuticals Nutri-Vyte provides your pet with a healthy boost of nutrients whenever a situation arises that requires extra nutritional attention. Suppressed appetites due to stress situations such as storms, finicky eating, travel and more can all be aided by using Nutri-Vyte. Nutri-Vyte is also great for assisting with the extra energy and calories needed for working and performance animals to perform and feel optimally.

  • Nutri-Vyte is excellent for both cats and dogs.
  • This palatable gel has the taste and the texture to entice even the pickiest of pets which makes this gel very easy to administer.
  • Nutri-Vyte provides additional calories for strength and energy but is also rich in vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids.
  • This flavorful nutritional supplement is great for active pets who compete, work or perform.
  • Nutri-Vyte helps frightened, stressed and recovering pets regain energy and nutrients.